Pasha&Co is established in 1992 and now Marmaris's biggest jewelry manufacturer.We attempt to create an ambience that is welcoming to all our customers and make the exercise of purchasing jewelry an enjoyable experience.You can buy excellent handmade quality gold jewelry at factory prices and we do also full service of repairs.We have all kind of Diamonds, precious stones, watches & silver.

We specialize in appraisals of modern and antique jewelry, watches,diamonds, gemstones. We are full service and offer appraisals for both Insurance and personal needs.. All pieces and loose stones are digitally photographed, and the photograph of each piece is printed with its description.


PASHA JEWELERS has a Laser Welder which eliminates so many problems with design and repair. Mostly it eliminates the need to apply heat from the soldering torch which keeps stones, enamels and thin metals safe. This allows us to restore and repair jewelry that is considered too delicate or fragile. Laser welding is possible on metals ranging from gold, platinum, and silver.

• Shank work (including soldering, ring sizing, mounting assembly and installing).
• All prong work (including re tipping and replacing prongs).
• Stone setting (including tightening, channel set, bezel set, bead set, pave' set and bright cutting).
• Finishing (including plating, epoxy, polishing & clean ring, satin finish and Florentine finish).
• Pearl repair (including knotted restringing, restring without knots, drill pearl and glue pearl).
• Engraving (including simple ring engraving and engraving setup).
• Earring repair (including soldering post, screw-back and post conversion, lever-back drop conversion and converting bracelet link to earring conversion).
• Fabrication (including rebuilding bezel, seat and channel sets, gold link rebuilding, gold link addition/removal and bail repair).
• Platinum (basic and advanced platinum welding and ring sizing).
• Custom design work.
• Sizing Balls / Sizing (when possible)
• Watch batteries
• Watch repairs General refurbish/cleaning

Custom Jewelry Design

In addition to our repair services, we offer Custom Design Jewelry. We specialize in custom jewelry design, and will make jewelry to order. With some of the area's finest craftspeople who take great pride in their work, and each with their own unique style and technical strengths, we are able to create all types of custom jewelry.  You can be confident that each item that we create or repair for you will be given a thorough inspection upon completion and will be guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Another new piece of technology that we have is our CAD/CAM system.  CAD/CAM stands for Computer Aided Design/Computer aided Manufacturing.  CAD/CAM is a tool we use as designers to obtain the details and precision in our designs that were impossible before. CAD/CAM takes our ideas as designers and turns them into a reality. You send us a picture or sketch.  Our staff will then proceed to create your design in our CAD/CAM program. Once the design is ready for a viewing, it is sent to a model master lathe to cut the wax for your approval.

Much is made of a diamond's clarity, but of the Four Cs, it is the easiest to understand, and, according to many experts, generally has the least impact on a diamond's appearance. Clarity simply refers to the tiny, natural imperfections that occur in all but the finest diamonds. Gemologists refer to these imperfections by a variety of technical names, including blemishes and inclusions, among others. Diamonds with the least and smallest imperfections receive the highest clarity grades. Because these imperfections tend to be microscopic, they do not generally affect a diamond's beauty in any discernible way.

FL, IF Flawless, Internally Flawless: No internal or external imperfections. Internally Flawless: No internal imperfections. Very rare.
VVS1, VVS2 Very, Very Slightly Included: Very difficult to see imperfections under 10x magnification. An excellent quality diamond.
VS1, VS2 Very Slightly Included: Imperfections are not typically visible to the unaided eye. Less expensive than the VVS1 or VVS2 grades.
SI1, SI2 Slightly Included: Imperfections are visible under 10x magnification, and may be visible with the unaided eye. A good diamond value.
I1 Included: a limited selection of jewelry with diamonds of I1 grade clarity. This grade of diamonds will have inclusions that will be visible to the unaided eye.